December 26, 2011


Marin + François + Jean-Galleran
Gaspard + Pierre, sieur de Grosbois
Jean, son of Quatrin

François dit Vin d'Espagne
Jean-Baptiste dit Belleville
Pierre dit St-Pierre et Ducuront
Élie dit Lajoie
Georges dit Saint-Martin
Étienne-François dit Cambray

He was born in 1589 in Saint-Langis-de-Mortagne, au Perche (France), on February 7th 1611, in the same Parish, he married Julienne BARIL. From this union, were born seven children: Nicole, Jean, Louise, François, Etiennette, Charlotte and Marie. Julienne Baril died before Marin BOUCHER set out for Canada. Of the seven children, only François survived and came to Nouvelle-France. In 1629, Marin BOUCHER married Perrine Mallet. She bore 2 children. In early June 1634, Marin BOUCHER, Perrine MALLET and their 3 children (Louis-Marin (4 years old), Jean-Galleran, (1 year old) and François (16 years old) landed in Québec City. Upon his arrival, Marin BOUCHER established himself on the shores of the Saint-Charles River.
He is the ancestor of the majority of Boucher families.
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BOUCHER (Gaspard)
Son of the carpenter Jacques Boucher and Francoise Paigné, he was born about 1599 in the parish Notre-Dame from Mortagne-au-Perche, France. On December 12th of 1619, he married Nicole Lemaire.She had been christened in the church of Notre Dame de Mamers, on March 10th, 1595. The couple raised eight children. Like his father, Gaspard was a carpenter. The family emigrated to Nouvelle-France around 1635 and established itself in the "Seigneurie de Beauport" where they collaborated with Robert Giffard. During the first ten years of his stay in Nouvelle-France, Gaspard was a farmer for the Jesuit Order in Beauport. In 1644, he was granted land in Trois-Rivières, probably given by the Governor Charles Huault de Montmagny. The Gaspard BOUCHER family rapidly set itself up on this land.

Son of Quatrin Boucher and Jeanne Denis, Jean Boucher was born about 1630, originating inSt Etienne-du-Bourg-de-Chaix , in the department of Vendée, in the district of Fontenay- Le-Comte, of the Maillezais diocese in the Poitou. In 1676, he is found to live at the "Côte-de-Beaupré", near Québec City. On November 12th of 1678, Jean Boucher marries a 16 years old girl. Marie-Madeleine Paré was born on June 16th 1662 and was the daughter of Robert Paré and Francoise Lehoux. They raised seven children.

BOUCHER (Pierre) Seigneur of BOUCHERVILLEPierre Boucher was born on August 1st, 1622 in Mortagne-au-Perche, which is today part of Normandy. He came to Canada in 1635, with his parents, Gaspard Boucher and Nicole Lemaire, his brother Nicolas and his sisters Marie and Marguerite. He was appointed Governor of Trois-Rivières in 1653, station which he resigned from in 1667, in order to establish Boucherville where he died on April 19th, 1717, at the age of 95.